(Concept design– February 2018)
(Development Application – August 2018)
(Construction May 2019 – December 2021)
Operational April 2022

Iron Creek Bay Farm Stay will breathe new life into an existing farm that is ready to take the next step in an agricultural development.

The strong principled backbone of the property allows for the proposed develop to expand the current agricultural offering. This will allow the development to diversify the product offering and cater for a growing local and region market.

The proposal is about creating a farm stay accommodation linked with a farm store/ farm restaurant to develop agricultural synergies that operate on the farm.

Keeping with the zoning requirements of “Significant Agricultural Use” the proposal has been divided up into 5 distinct zones.

  1. The existing house – Adaptive reuse of existing building and altered to become the reception and office. There are three other existing sheds that have been adaptively reused and repurposed. One has become a lounge facility that was once the shearing shed, the second building has become “housekeeping and was once an oyster sorting shed, the third building is the water filtration and general store and was once an oyster spats hatchery.
  2. The Farm Stay Accommodation – Fifteen (15) new pavilions
  3. Pickers / Back packers’ accommodation – (3) new pavilions.
  4. The Farm Store/Farm Restaurant. 2200 m2 of new building over two levels.
  5. New Farm operations facilities, machinery store and staff amenities. 400 m2

The scenic landscape and the built form for the project have been considered as a single interwoven environment to create a unique Australian rural space. The external colour palette and materials for the precinct reflect the Australian landscape incorporating, plantation grown hardwood timbers and native plants.

The project is endeavouring to create buildings that respond to the landscape and an experience of an agricultural farm. The underlying factors for the development are to ensure that the project is completely environmentally sustainable.